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We are Offering Tile and Grout Cleaning Services in Sydney Wide

Are you looking for professional Tile and Grout Cleaning in Sydney? We at Micks offer eco-friendly Tile & Grout Cleaning services Sydney wide.

Over time and use, tiles and grouts become excessively dirty, losing their former eye-catching appearance. This not only looks untidy and unsightly but questions the hygiene of your premises. Also if not cleaned properly, they turn out to be the most ideal breeding place for germs, mould, moss, and mildew, emitting a disgusting bad odour.

Well, whether it’s your home or any commercial establishment, keeping the tiles and grouts spotlessly clean and tidy is crucial for both your reputation and well-being. In case you are looking for a helping hand who can restore the day-1-like shine and polished appearance of your tiles and grouts, our Tile And Grout Cleaning Sydney team is your ideal partner! With multiple years of experience in the job, our tile grout cleaning Sydney experts can make your flooring and wall tiles glass-like clean in a blink!

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    Hard Surface Cleaning

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    Different tile cleaning solutions we offer in Sydney

    With a dedicated team of Tile And Grout Cleaning Sydney professionals, we at Mick’s equip our clients with a wide range of Sydney tile and grout cleaning services at the most pocket-friendly price range. You can either opt for our complete tile and grout care solution or opt for any specific service as per your need. Here are the services we serve you with:

    Floor and wall tile cleaning Sydney

    Depending on the condition of your wall and floor tiles, we offer a customised cleaning treatment. Using state-of-the-art tile cleaning equipment and the solution we remove all the deep-trapped soil, filth, and grease right away! We also work on eliminating obstinate stains.

    Grout sealing Sydney

    Our experts seal your grouts with high-quality sealant materials that last long! With grout sealing, we not only improve the appearance of your wall and floor tile but also prevent stains and moisture to infiltrate your tiles. As a result, your wall and floor tiles stay shiny and intact for a long time!

    Grout recolouring

    Grouts get stained and discoloured over time and we help fix it with our reliable grout recolouring services. Well-grout recolouring is the most pocket-friendly way of hiding the signs of wear and tear.

    Epoxy grouting

    We provide high-quality epoxy grouting instead of regular cement grouting. It is because epoxy grouting is first of all sturdy and long-lasting. Secondly, they are waterproof and do not easily catch stains and dirt.

    Regrouting Service

    Our regrouting solutions save your wall and floor tile from mould infestation and water seepage issues. Also, it enhances the appeal of our tiling, boosting its lifespan. Before regrouting, we first scrape out the old weary grout from the surface to let the new grout fit better.

    Porcelain tile cleaning Sydney

    Porcelain tile cleaning services in Sydney ensure your floors maintain their pristine beauty. Trust experts for a spotless, lasting shine.

    Stone Polishing

    Employing best-grade diamond polishing pads and air-wet polisher, we bring back the lost lustre and gleaming finish of your tiles in no time. And during this process, we also eradicate the ugly stains and spots from it.

    Grout and Concrete Colour Sealing

    After recolouring the grouts, we seal the concrete colour to keep it intact for years and after years. Moreover, resealing adds extra-layer protection to your grouts against exterior contaminants. And for this, we always use premium-grade grout colour sealants that

    Tile restoration

    Whether your wall or floor tiles are stained, dirty, cracked, or missing, we help restore them efficiently, keeping them in their best shape with our complete tile restoration services.

    We Clean All Types Of Tiles

    Each member of our grout cleaning company has Certificate III in cleaning operations and has also received professional training. This makes them competent in cleaning and handling a wide range of stone tiles. Whether your floor or wall is made with Limestone, Sandstone, Travertine, Mosaic, Quarry, Ceramic, Granite, or slate and porcelain, our Tile And Grout Cleaning professionals clean and repair all!

    Different areas WHERE we offer Tile and Grout Cleaning Sydney service

    Tiles and grouts in different areas need different cleaning requirements for the best results. To be more precise tiles in bathrooms kitchens and exterior areas require deep cleaning treatment while bedroom tiles need gentle cleaning approaches, and we exceed your expectations by meeting all your tile and grout cleaning Sydney requirements Check out our expertise in cleaning tiles of different areas

    • Outdoor tiles: Outdoor tiles need a deep cleaning to remove the deep-penetrated dirt and grime. That’s why we offer high-pressure cleaning to make it spotless.
    • Kitchen tiles: Kitchen tiles mostly remain greasy, filthy, and stained. With customised cleaning treatment, we degrease your kitchen tiles and remove stubborn stains and dirt excellently.
    • Bathroom tiles: Mould and moss growth are the most common problems in bathroom tiles. We remove mould, deep clean it, eliminate the sogginess, and seal the grout.
    • House floor tiles: Relying on the type of tile your home has, we chalk out a tailor-fit cleaning treatment. Our goal is to bring back the gleaming shine of your house floor tiles, removing all trapped grime and soil.
    • Commercial area tiles: Commercial area tiles need the most powerful cleaning techniques to look new-like again! With the hot water extraction method, we remove all the infiltrated dirt, restoring its radiance!

    Step-by-step process of our tile and grout cleaning program in Sydney

    Tile and Grout Cleaning Sydney service

    We serve Sydney as well as its top Suburbs

    Having a wide network across Sydney, we serve the core regions of the city as well as its top suburbs. Some top suburbs where we provide our flawless tile and grout Sydney cleaning services are Bondi, The Whitsundays, Esperance, Mornington Peninsula, Noosa, Jervis Bay, and Port Douglas.

    Our professional tile cleaning program involves six steps, including

    • A thorough inspection is to assess the level of damage to find the most suitable treatment option.
    • Vacuuming the wall or floor tile to remove the loose surface dirt.
    • After that, we mop down the tile and grout with a neutral cleanser.
    • Then again we apply some pH-neutral cleaning solvent and scrub the tiles and grouts properly to remove the soil.
    • Next, we employ tile steam cleaning or pressure cleaning depending on the tile’s material and condition.
    • If necessary we regrout your tiled walls or floors
    • At last, we seal the grout, recolour it, and seal the colour to retain its gloss and newness.
    • Finally, we dry it completely and make it clean, spotless, and hygienic again!

    Why should you opt us for Tile and Grout Cleaning in Sydney?

    Holding our roots in the industry for more than 20 years, we never fail to please our clients with our quality tile and grout cleaning in Sydney. Sydney people love us for our service quality, affordable price rates, and prompt services. Other than all these, several reasons mark us as your ultimate choice. To name a few:

    • We pledge to offer you same-day tile and grout cleaning treatment for emergency purposes (within 24 hours of booking).
    • We are a licensed and bonded company, so by hiring us, you can keep peace of mind.
    • Our team members are very gentle, courteous, and punctual, meaning you’ll never get a scope to complain.
    • With us, you can get a free no-obligation written quote which is excluded from any kind of hidden charges.
    • We only use state-approved and industry-grade tools and solutions for tile and grout cleaning
    • Our tile and grout cleaning services come with a certain period of warranty

    Our Micks Carpet Cleaning Service Included:



    Depending on the foot traffic, you should seek professional tile and grout cleaning services 1 to 2 times a year.

    Grouts must be sealed after cleaning to protect the tiles from exterior contaminants, including stains, dirt, fungi, bacteria, moss, mildew, and mould.

    Generally, we share onsite quotes after assessing your tile and grout’s condition. However, if you have an emergency, we can offer you a free quote over the phone after asking for a little information about your tile’s conditions.

    Professional tile and grout cleaning services are always beneficial! They keep the shine and lustre of your tile and grout intact. Also, professional services prevent premature wear and tear, boosting the lifespan.

    The cost of tile and grout cleaning depends on their condition. Generally, the average cost is $9 to $11 per square meter.
    Micks Tile and Grout Cleaning Sydney Call us at 02 3814 2793 Location: Sydney, NSW, 2000, Australia


    We Are 5 Star Rated Carpet Cleaners

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    Rated 5.0 out of 5
    23 August 2023

    ‘Micks Carpet Cleaning offers very affordable services that are superb and quick. Due to my allergies, I called them to clean my carpets. The technician was very competent and arrived 15 minutes early. The technician performed a complete carpet cleaning for us. He did a great job for a fair fee.


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    Rated 5.0 out of 5
    23 August 2023

    ‘The carpet cleaning service was excellent, and I heartily suggest it to everyone! The technician did an excellent job and displayed great professionalism.’

    Judith P.

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    Rated 5.0 out of 5
    23 August 2023

    ‘The carpet appears to be new. The technician did a fantastic job despite the unit’s numerous stairs and two stories. I couldn’t have been happier, even at the affordable price. He put in a lot of effort, and the carpet is beautiful.’

    Sandra Martinez

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