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Micks Carpet Cleaning sends experts who analyse the carpet’s condition and texture before selecting the best cleaning method for your needs. Your carpets will appear cleaner, all thanks to our special experts,  Kellyville Carpet Cleaning methods and products.

Using our carpet cleaning services, our skilled team primarily removes extra dust and filth from your carpets. For difficult stains and high-traffic areas, we use steam cleaning or water extraction methods.

Your carpet will be hygienic as well as safe for everyone if you inspect its condition and get it cleaned professionally by our team in Kellyville.

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    Professional Carpet Cleaning Is A Must for All, Why?

    The best method to preserve your carpets in the best condition is to hire the carpet cleaning services of a reputable professional. Professionals have all the tools, equipment, experience, and knowledge required to completely clean carpets, removing dirt, dust, allergies, and other debris that routine vacuuming might miss.

    It is a way to restore your carpets to their former glory and make sure they stay that way for a long time to come. Hence, using the service not only produces superior cleaning outcomes in comparison to conventional DIY techniques like spot treatment or heated water extraction, but it will also result in financial savings.

    The unique skill of professionals is their ability to spot carpet problem areas promptly and effectively treat them to prevent them from developing into larger problems in the future. Most cleaning staff is fully outfitted with state-of-the-art cleaning tools and apparatus, such as business vacuum cleaners with Filtration, which help remove more dust and dirt than conventional machines while reducing airborne particles while the process is being done.

    Also, extra services like pet odour removal and stain protection dramatically increase the life of the carpets by avoiding potential damage from accidents or stains brought on by pets or kids playing nearby.

    Professional Carpet Cleaning Kellyville

    Local Carpet Cleaning, Stain Removal & Sanitisation in Kellyville: Check Our Services


    Carpet steam cleaning

    Because we have nearly a decade of collective experience in affordable carpet cleaning, we can assure you excellent results that are swift, affordable, and of an extraordinarily high standard. In addition to general carpet cleaning, which is our area of expertise, we also provide professional steam cleaning for carpets. You may place your confidence in our name when searching for carpet cleaning near me, cleaning specialists who can assure perfection because we are qualified, dependable, and trustworthy.


    Carpet dry cleaning

    Carpet dry cleaning, walk on dry carpets in an hour. This a great option if you want your carpets to dry exceptionally quickly, especially in the winter. Professional carpet cleaning revives the fibre, eliminates abrasive material that is concealed in the pile, and addresses bacteria and allergies that are present beneath the carpet. The carpet dry cleaning method is beneficial for natural fibre carpets that are prone to harm.


    Carpet stain removal

    Our fully trained specialists can use a comprehensive range of speciality stain removal solutions, which can get rid of spots that other cleaners might just leave behind. Carpet stain removal is usually time-consuming and only necessary for severe stains, but when you consider how much it would cost to replace the carpet, you can see that investing in professional stain removal is an asset in your house.


    Carpet mould removal

    To help eliminate moisture from properties, our company uses the most modern industrial dehumidifiers. We can provide you with the most effective and precise remedy to any mould problems thanks to this and our drying equipment has received insurance approval. We don’t care if your home is covered with mould or if there is only a little area that needs repair. The highest quality mould removal service will be provided by our professionals. We are even more successful because a lot of our basic cleaning services complement mould treatment work.


    Carpet deodorisation & Carpet sanitisation

    We take great pride as Carpet Cleaning Kellyville specialists in our abilities to effectively treat and expertly eliminate any odours left behind by any occasion. We can do this due to a combination of cutting-edge technology that addresses odours at the molecular level and an amazing selection of cleaning supplies created expressly to have odour-repelling capabilities.


    Carpet sanitisation

    Contact us if your carpet has any infecting particles, or even bio-waste, either inside the carpet’s fibres or just on the surface. We will arrive at your home with the most practical sanitisation procedure to restore your carpet to the condition it was in on the day you first bought it.

    Best Home and Office Carpet Scotchgard Protection

    Micks Carpet Cleaning Kellyville team take pride in not using unscrupulous up-selling strategies, but the advantages of this premium repellent are too great. Carpet protection treatment makes it simple to clean up spills from water, coffee, beverages, dirt, and oil before they become permanently stained. Carpet Fabric Protection is a typical name for soil and stain defence. It is the most widely used thing, created for use with carpets, furniture, and fabric to protect against soil and stains.

    Our Carpet Cleaning Process Is Best For All Carpets

    Considering how little time is needed, this cleaning service is seen as being quick. If you hire us for this technique, we can have your carpet usable in an hour. We offer very affordable services with no additional fees. We carry out this cleaning in the manner described below.

    • Inspection: Before cleaning, we inspect the carpets to catch any issues.
    • Vacuum: With a vacuum cleaner, dirt on the area is cleaned.
    • Pre-stain: The purpose of this procedure is to remove stain particles.
    • Chemical Solutions: At this phase, cleaning solutions are used to remove any pollutants.
    • Grooming: We always include this because it changes the shape of your carpet.
    • Post-Vacuuming: To complete the operation, we vacuum-clean the area.

    The Carpet Cleaning Process Our Professionals Undertake

    Our carpet cleaners handle your carpet with utmost care. To hand you over a nice-looking, new-like, fresh-smelling carpet, we perform a detailed carpet cleaning treatment that involves the following steps:

    • We initiate our carpet cleaning operation with a thorough inspection where we determine its condition, the number of spots or stains, and what type of treatment it requires.
    • The second step involves vacuuming the carpet surface at low power to remove the loose soil, debris, and dirt, preparing it for the next step:
    • Then it’s time for our special pre-treatment where we apply some pH-neutral cleaning agent to loosen the oil from the obstinate stains and trapped dirt. After the application, our experts gently scrub it using a brush or sometimes a rotary machine.
    • Next, we proceed to clean your carpets as per our pre-planned steam cleaning/dry cleaning treatment and eliminate the trapped stains, dirt, allergens, etc. In this step, we perform carpet shampooing and conditioning if necessary.
    • After that, we carry out our special spot treatment to remove any scars or stains after washing.
    • Finally, we dry, disinfect, and deodorise your carpets, restoring their shine and newness. Also, we apply Scotchgard protection so that the outcome of our cleaning treatment lasts long.
    Process For Carpet Steam Cleaning Kellyville

    Professional End of Lease Carpet Cleaning in Kellyville

    Do you require expert assistance to get End of Lease Carpet Cleaning? We provide professional carpet cleaning services throughout Kellyville. We take extraordinary care of your rental carpets and End of Lease Carpet Cleaning since we view this as an important job. For this, you must contact us and hire a qualified cleaning crew. You may count on us to receive appealing cleaning that will ultimately leave carpets looking spotless.

    Same-Day Carpet Cleaning And Emergency Carpet Cleaning In Kellyville

    We offer same-day carpet cleaning services in Kellyville. Along with cleaning them, we’ll sanitize and deodorize your carpets as well. We provide extraction with hot water, dry foam cleaning, and steam cleaning as our three different cleaning techniques. We further provide carpet covering for high-traffic areas for a more individualized experience. Find out how to get the finest carpet cleaning in Kellyville by calling us for same-day carpet cleaning!

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    Why Choose Us?

    • Our services are effective and reasonably priced.
    • There are same-day and after-hours cleaning services accessible.
    • We make sure that you and your family are safe with our cleaning.
    • Not only are our cleaning services affordable, but they are also pet-friendly.
    • Our support staff is available 24/7 and our booking process is hassle-free.
    • You can use our services within 24 hours of making a reservation.
    • All of our cleaners are incredibly talented and effective.
    • You can come to us for any of your carpet cleaning needs.
    • Our customer service team responded promptly.


    The carpet usually dries entirely in 1-2 hours, thanks to the power of our latest machinery. Our drying time cannot be stated as the humidity, ventilation and temperature can all have a direct impact on how fast the carpets dry.

    Our technician will need about 20 minutes for each room on average. The length of time required will depend on the volume of furniture to be relocated, the length of the room, and the quantity of soiling.

    Yes! All the cleaning products and other resources that we use are highly safe and free from toxic chemicals. Your family, children and pets, all will be safe.

    To get our services quickly, it is ideal for you to make an appointment in advance. This way, you can get access to our services without any hassles.


    Our Clients Reviews
    We Are 5 Star Rated Carpet Cleaners

    No Title

    Rated 5.0 out of 5
    23 August 2023

    ‘Micks Carpet Cleaning offers very affordable services that are superb and quick. Due to my allergies, I called them to clean my carpets. The technician was very competent and arrived 15 minutes early. The technician performed a complete carpet cleaning for us. He did a great job for a fair fee.


    No Title

    Rated 5.0 out of 5
    23 August 2023

    ‘The carpet cleaning service was excellent, and I heartily suggest it to everyone! The technician did an excellent job and displayed great professionalism.’

    Judith P.

    No Title

    Rated 5.0 out of 5
    23 August 2023

    ‘The carpet appears to be new. The technician did a fantastic job despite the unit’s numerous stairs and two stories. I couldn’t have been happier, even at the affordable price. He put in a lot of effort, and the carpet is beautiful.’

    Sandra Martinez

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