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Are you tired of dealing with your dirty and greasy carpets at home? Well, DIY cleaning can only offer superficial results, for a reliable outcome, you must always seek professional help. And if you are in search of professional cleaners, Micks Carpet Cleaning in Bondi can be your safe bet!

Having CCT & OCT certified local carpet cleaners, we offer personalised Bondi Carpet Cleaning services, keeping the service cost as reasonable as possible. Most importantly, the quote we offer is transparent and free from any type of additional charges.

Since our local cleaners are available 24/7 at Penkivil Street, Bondi, you can book us anytime you want even during weekends and holidays! Also, we are always up for offering a same-day carpet cleaning service within just one hour of your booking when you have an emergency.

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    What Makes Regular Carpet Cleaning So Essential?

    In order to upkeep your home’s hygiene and keep your family members and pets safe, treating your dirty and contaminated carpets is crucial. Carpets work amazingly in enhancing the beauty of your premises while keeping your feet warm and cosy. However, when germs, bacteria, dust mites, etc. accumulate on the carpet, it can pose several risks including skin rashes, allergic reactions, and respiratory illness to your health.

    • Increase Carpet Durability: Carpet cleaning routinely enhances the quality of your carpet fibre, eradicating deep-trapped dirt, debris, stains, and allergens. This, in turn, increases the durability of your carpet, saving you from the hefty expense of replacing it.
    • Fresh Indoor Air: A clean, spotless, germ-free, and allergen-free carpet sustains hygiene inside your premises. Since no contaminants or toxic elements hover around your room, you can intake the fresh air, mitigating the problems of respiratory ailments and allergies.
    • Boost Home Appearance: Carpet cleaning improves the appearance of your property by keeping your carpet up-to-the-mark removing all the stains and infiltrated dirt. While treating stains at home is next to impossible, professional cleaners make it possible by using the best-quality, industry-grade stain removers.
    • Removes Odour: With time and use, your carpet catches dirt, food spills, and pet urine, which leads to a terrible odour. But professionals with their expertise remove all sorts of bad odour, leaving it moisture-free, fresh-smelling, and cosier.
    Eco Friendly Carpet Cleaning Bondi

    Top-notch and Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning Bondi Services You Can Get from us

    Regarded among the best carpet cleaning companies, we at Micks Carpet Cleaning always believe in offering a tailor-fit eco-friendly carpet cleaning treatment that ensures an assured outcome. To make sure your carpet remains in its best shape after our treatment, we plan a customised treatment after assessing the current state of your carpet. Check out our wide range of Carpet Cleaning Bondi solutions:


    Carpet steam cleaning

    For excessively dirty and soiled carpets, deep carpet cleaning is the best option to restore their beauty, and thus we proceed with a steam cleaning treatment, removing all the deep-penetrated stubborn stains, dirt patches, grease, and allergens.


    Carpet dry cleaning

    In case your carpet has fine and delicate fabrics, our advanced dry cleaning technique is the most excellent way to bring back its lost glam while not affecting its fabric quality. During the treatment, we use our formulas and stain remover to extract all the stains and contaminants from your carpet without damping it.


    Carpet stain removal

    Be it an old stain or new, no stain is impossible for us to clean. We use only the best stain remover to remove the deep-seated ugly stains without damaging the colour of the carpet fabric.


    Carpet mould removal

    Do you have mould on the carpet? Worry not as we can take care of it! Our experts can help remove mildew mould and other fungi from the roots, freeing you from the problems of allergies.


    Carpet deodorisation & Carpet sanitisation

    As a complimentary service, our home carpet cleaners deodorise your carpets to make sure they smell wonderful. Our company offers a variety of cleaning options at a very affordable price. You will never get off your budget when you hire us for services.


    Carpet sanitisation

    Your carpet may get colonised by germs, fungus, and other microbes if it is not managed correctly. Finally, in order to make your carpets free from germs and allergens, we sanitise them thoroughly.

    We Handle All Types Of Stains

    No matter how deep-rooted, old, or stubborn the stain is, we will find the best way to remove it. We take care of a number of stains, including water-soluble ones, oil-based or grease stains, blood stains, pet stains, vomit stains, coffee stains, red wine stains, and whatnot!

    Our tough stain removal formulas are generally pH neutral, and thus are very safe for your fabric. Additionally, we always perform a colour fastness test before using any stain remover on your fabric.

    Reliable Home and Office Carpet Scotchgard Protection

    We offer our very special Carpet Scotchgard service that works wonderfully in sustaining the shine, colour, and freshness of your carpets after our professional Carpet Cleaning Bondi treatment.

    It has a two-in-one formula of Carpet Stain Protection and Carpet Fabric Protection that retains the newness of the freshly cleaned carpets for a long time! After cleaning your carpets, we carry out the carpet protection treatment.

    It protects your carpet fabric from catching any ugly stain or exterior contaminants, forming a shield around your carpets until you schedule your next professional cleaning program.

    The Carpet Cleaning Process Our Professionals Undertake

    Our carpet cleaners handle your carpet with utmost care. To hand you over a nice-looking, new-like, fresh-smelling carpet, we perform a detailed carpet cleaning treatment that involves the following steps:

    • We initiate our carpet cleaning operation with a thorough inspection where we determine its condition, the number of spots or stains, and what type of treatment it requires.
    • The second step involves vacuuming the carpet surface at low power to remove the loose soil, debris, and dirt, preparing it for the next step:
    • Then it’s time for our special pre-treatment where we apply some pH-neutral cleaning agent to loosen the oil from the obstinate stains and trapped dirt. After the application, our experts gently scrub it using a brush or sometimes a rotary machine.
    • Next, we proceed to clean your carpets as per our pre-planned steam cleaning/dry cleaning treatment and eliminate the trapped stains, dirt, allergens, etc. In this step, we perform carpet shampooing and conditioning if necessary.
    • After that, we carry out our special spot treatment to remove any scars or stains after washing.
    • Finally, we dry, disinfect, and deodorise your carpets, restoring their shine and newness. Also, we apply Scotchgard protection so that the outcome of our cleaning treatment lasts long.
    Our Proven Cleaning Process

    We Offer Same-day Carpet Cleaning on Your Emergencies

    If any emergency pops up and you need a same-day carpet cleaning, you can count on us! We mainly have local carpet cleaners in our team, so no matter where in Bondi you live, we can manage to reach it on the same day and bring back the polished appearance of your carpets in just a few hours!

    In fact, we promise to reach your doorstep within just an hour of your booking, which we never fail! So, whether you have a last-minute party to host or important clients are coming over to your party, you can get your carpets professionally cleaned on the same day with us!

    Best-quality End of Lease Carpet Cleaning

    Do you need end-of-lease carpet cleaning? We can be your no 1 choice! So instead of browsing carpet cleaning near me, call us! Employing the best carpet cleaning equipment, environmentally-friendly cleaning agents, and our specially formulated stain removers, we help restore the appearance and feel of the carpet of your rental property.

    Our experts assure you that your carpets look exactly the same when you first move into the rental premises. When it comes to end-of-lease cleaning, we make sure to obey all the norms and standards of the lease agreement, making it smoother for you to get your bond back.

    What Makes Us Your Top Choice For Carpet Cleaning Services And Care?

    There is nothing more important to us than client satisfaction, and for that, we can do anything! For over 25 years we have been providing reliable and affordable cleaning services to the people of Bondi. Our goodwill, honesty, and customer-friendly behaviour make us stand out from the crowd. Read what makes us your safe choice:


    Customer-friendly attitude

    We always maintain a customer-friendly attitude and make sure all the demands of our clients are met.


    Affordable carpet cleaning cost

    We have different carpet cleaning prices and packages for our clients that fit your budget perfectly!


    Certified team

    Every cleaner in our team is certified by recognised institutions and possesses CCT, OCT, and CSI certifications, so we are a safe choice for you!


    Prompt response

    We never keep you on the waiting list. Our support team answers your call promptly and responds to your emails and messages on the same business day.


    Flawless results

    Our carpet cleaning solutions ensure flawless results. After our treatment, your carpet will get back its new-like glam that lasts really long!

    Latest Carpet Cleaning Work in Bondi


    Based on the fabric, air flow in the room, humidity, and temperature, a carpet usually takes 4 to 24 hours to dry. But we accelerate the dry time by using advanced drying tools and let you use them immediately after cleaning.

    Of course! No matter how hard you try, it’s pretty tough to match the levels of professionals. They have state-of-the-art tools and solutions that help restore even the dirtiest and most stained carpets effectively.

    Usually, having your carpets cleaned by professionals once a year is recommended. However, in case of heavy foot traffic, you can also opt to clean it once every 6 months.

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